Rambling thoughts on abortion…

I was raised to love babies. My mother taught me that babies are gifts from God. As I grew older, I learned what abortion is. It is hard to be a mother in a society where women are allowed to terminate their pregnancies for any and all reasons. I sometimes wonder how my life would be different if certain babies hadn’t been aborted. What impact would they have had on my life?

My parents taught me to value all life. I learned early on that everyone has equal value in God’s eyes. Sometimes our world tells us that certain people are worth less than others. A baby is worth less than a mother, a black is worth less than a white, and a woman is worth less than a man. I learned to not listen to what the world tells us and instead to read what the Bible says. I read that God loves and looks out for the widow, the fatherless, the children. I read that in heaven there is no race or gender. We will all be equal.

As a mother who has lost five babies to miscarriage I have struggled with bitter thoughts on the unfairness of life. It is unfair that another woman gets pregnant and kills her baby because she doesn’t want it. Here I am wanting my baby so desperately. I have even thought that should a friend or relative find themselves in an unwanted pregnancy, I would be so grateful if they carried that baby and gave it to me. Our world is full of crying women. It seems like half are crying that they are pregnant and wishing they weren’t and the other half is crying that they aren’t pregnant and wishing that they could be.

Abortion is often a silent killer. In most families it is done in private. Fathers, siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles might never know who is missing in their life because of an abortion. I never know which of my friends have chosen to have an abortion.

When I was young I hated abortion with a passion. I thought women who chose an abortion were evil and deserved to be punished. But over time my thoughts have changed drastically. I still hate abortion. But I have compassion on women. I think our society has failed women. Women are not supported and celebrated. Femininity is not celebrated. Motherhood is not celebrated. And so women find themselves feeling alone and abandoned when they are pregnant.

Abortion would not be needed if women were truly supported. Abortion would not be considered if women knew the worth of their child. Abortion would not be needed if women were not coerced into it by having to chose between a home and their unborn child.

But unfortunately, we live in a fallen world. So what do we do? We need to advocate for the mother. We need to support the women in our lives. If you don’t support them now then they know they won’t be supported when they are pregnant.

We are at a point where Roe vs. Wade may be overturned. Then it will be up to the states to decide what to do. I hope and pray that women won’t be thrown in jail for having an abortion. I hope and pray that women won’t be turning to home abortions where they will be alone. I pray that women will find hope and support from pro-life charities and organizations. It would be wonderful if babies’ lives were actually saved. It would be wonderful if women were supported through their pregnancies instead of being told that it is a problem and an inconvenience.

As a Catholic I believe in heaven. I believe that my babies are in heaven praying for me. And I think that all those aborted babies are praying for their mothers. They are praying desperately for the salvation of their mothers. They are hoping that someday they will be able to tell their mothers that they are forgiven.


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